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Your Comfort and Safety


We'll do everything possible to make you comfortable and secure in your rental home. If you have any questions or need service or repairs, we can be reached day or night at (513) 871-0007 (office) or (513) 658-7224 (mobile phone).

Routine Maintenance & Repairs
All homes require general upkeep. For that reason, you'll be responsible for replacing ordinary supplies such as light bulbs; and for minor maintenance chores, such as replacing the air filter in your furnace. For repairs that cost more than $50.00 (or that require trade skills or heavy lifting), please give us a call and we’ll schedule an appointment with a qualified service provider.

Emergencies & Major Repairs
Call us immediately! If we can’t be reached or don’t respond within a reasonable period of time, please contact one of the qualified service contactors listed to the left of this page. They will schedule a service call and will put the charges on our account.

Authorization Policy
In a dire situation, in which neither Groveton Properties nor an approved service provider can be reached or is unavailable, you may be forced to go outside our network and pay for the repair yourself. If such a circumstance arises, we'll reimburse you. We trust you'll use your best judgment. However, any expenses related to upgrades, discretionary repairs or improvements are subject to our approval.

Don't wait to report a problem!
If you spot a leak, experience a water backup or see something that doesn't look right, call, text or email us right away. A seemingly minor issue could evolve into something major and create a health or safety hazard.

Service Providers


Plumbing & Electrical
B&D Plumbing
(513) 680-9135

Heating & Air
Recker & Boerger
(513) 942-9663

Garage Door
Overhead Door - NKY
(859) 341-6646

BA Appliance Repair
(513) 233-8209

Home Heating Oil
Lykins Company
(513) 831-8820

Trees & Branches
Beaver Tree Service
(513) 321-3376

Lawn & Leaf
Landers Land Care
(513) 561-3997


Insects & Pests
First Choice Pest Control
(513) 793-5945

Lock & Key
Mr. Lock
(513) 232-2424

Gas & Electric
Duke Energy
(513) 421-9500

Water Service
Cincinnati Water Works
(513) 591-7700


Trash & Recycling
Rumpke Waste Removal

(513) 742-2900

Cable & Broadband
(513) 489-2337

Telephone & Internet
Cincinnati Bell Fioptics
(513) 565-2210


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